Samsung TV Optical Out Stutter, Cut Out? (Do This To Fix)

Are you experiencing audio stuttering or cutting out when using an optical cable to connect your Samsung TV to an amplifier, soundbar, or audio receiver? 

Many Samsung TV users including Samsung’s high-end Frame TV have reported intermittent audio while using an optical cable.

I witnessed this recently on my friend’s Frame TV, which is a high-end TV from Samsung, it was connected properly via optical cable (Toslink) but every once in a while the audio cuts out.

Most of the audio stuttering was occurring when we used external streaming devices (Apple TV, Firestick, etc) or gaming consoles like Xbox and PS5. The inbuilt apps, however, worked a little better.

After researching and diving into the troubleshooting, I did solve the issue and in this guide, I will explain how to fix it, including poor quality optical ports on the Samsung TV and compatibility issues with signal syncing via optical cables. 

Why Does Optical Audio Cut Out On My Samsung TV?

Samsung TV Audio Stutters

You might not like it but the major cause of the audio stuttering issue is poor-quality optical ports on the Samsung TV. 

As a former TV repair technician, I have encountered numerous cases where customers have reported audio stuttering issues on their Samsung TVs. Upon further investigation, it was often found that the ports on these TVs were prone to interference or other problems that could cause audio disruptions.

Apart from the above reason another cause is compatibility issues with signal syncing via optical cables. Depending on the specific amplifier, soundbar, or audio receiver you’re using, there can be glitches in the signal syncing that can cause audio stuttering.

In one similar case, where a user was having a Denon amplifier connected to his Samsung TV via optical cable, he contacted Denon’s support and they acknowledged that the issue was reported by many users using their receivers with Samsung TVs and they would roll out a firmware update to improve sync compatibility.

Let’s see how you can resolve the problem with your Samsung TV’s optical connection now that you know the main reasons why you’re experiencing audio cut-out, stuttering, or glitches.

How To Fix Optical Audio Stuttering On Samsung TV?

Intermittent Audio Over Optical Cable On Samsung TV

If you’re experiencing audio stuttering on your Samsung TV, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue. 

Make sure to follow these steps carefully and thoroughly to ensure that the problem gets sorted on the first attempt.

Sound Test (Initial Troubleshooting)

The first step in troubleshooting intermittent optical out audio on your Samsung TV is to run a sound test. 

  • To do this, go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Sound Test and follow the on-screen instructions

This will help you figure out whether the problem is with the TV itself or with the audio device you’re using.

Tweak Audio Output Settings

If the stuttering persists during the sound test, try switching to PCM in your TV’s audio settings. If the problem is caused by a signal syncing issue, this will help.

Because switching the audio output settings for optical to PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) helps resolve audio stuttering issues because PCM is a type of digital audio encoding that converts analog audio signals into digital signals for transmission.

Basically, it will improve the compatibility of your TV’s audio with the audio device you’re using.

If the TV and the audio device are incompatible in terms of the signal format they use, it can cause syncing issues that result in audio stuttering. By switching to PCM, you may be able to eliminate this compatibility issue and resolve the stuttering.

It’s also worth noting that PCM is a widely-used and well-established audio format, so it’s generally considered to be a reliable and stable option for audio transmission especially while using Optical Cables.

Upgrade Firmware

Apart from that, In the case of audio stuttering when using an optical cable, the issue can also be caused by a bug in the signal syncing between the TV and the audio device. 

If this is the case, upgrading the firmware on the audio device can help resolve the issue as it can fix/patch the bug that’s causing the stuttering or intermittent audio over the optical cable.

Use an Optical Switch (HDMI-ARC to Optical Converter)

If the sound test and other troubleshooting steps have not resolved the audio stuttering issue on your Samsung TV, you can consider using an optical switch between your TV and audio device. 

This will help improve audio syncing and eliminate intermittent audio problems on your TV.

Let me explain what an optical switch is if you don’t know what one is.

An optical switch (also known as an HDMI to the optical converter) is a device that allows you to connect your TV and audio receiver using an HDMI cable and then converts the HDMI audio signal to an optical signal for output to the receiver. 

Using an optical switch helps resolve audio stuttering or cutting-out issues when using an optical cable with a Samsung TV because it provides an alternative way to transmit the audio signal between the TV and the receiver.


In conclusion, audio stuttering when using an optical cable with a Samsung TV can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor-quality optical ports and compatibility issues with signal syncing. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, there are a few different solutions you can try, including running a sound test on your TV, switching to PCM in your audio settings, upgrading your audio devices, using an optical switch, or using a mini HDMI-ARC to optical converter. 

It’s worth trying a few different solutions to see which one works best for your specific setup.

Lastly, If you’re still experiencing audio stuttering after trying these solutions, it may be worth reaching out to Samsung customer support or a local audio expert for additional assistance. 

In any case, I hope this blog has provided some helpful information and potential solutions for those experiencing audio stuttering when using an optical cable with a Samsung TV.

To quickly wrap it up for you, or if you scrolled to the bottom directly, here are your key takeaways. 

 Potential causes of the intermittent audio issue over Optical Cable on Samsung TVs:

  • Poor quality optical ports on the Samsung TV
  • Compatibility issues with signal syncing via optical cables

What needs to be done to get it sorted:

  • Run a sound test on the TV
  • Try switching to PCM in the TV’s audio settings
  • Consider upgrading the TV, amp, soundbar, or audio receiver
  • Try using an optical switch or using apps on a quality Blu-ray player instead of the TV