Samsung TV Optical Out Stutter, Cut Out? (Do This To Fix)

Samsung TV Optical Audio Cut Out Stutters

Are you experiencing audio stuttering or cutting out when using an optical cable to connect your Samsung TV to an amplifier, soundbar, or audio receiver?  Many Samsung TV users including Samsung’s high-end Frame TV have reported intermittent audio while using an optical cable. I witnessed this recently on my friend’s Frame TV, which is a … Read more

Dolby Atmos Feels Quiet, Low Volume? (Here’s Why With Fix)

why is dolby atmos so low

Are you feeling like you’re missing out on the full Dolby Atmos experience due to a low volume? If so, you’re in the right place. When listening to Atmos tracks and watching movies with Dolby Atmos sound, I often find that the average volume of the audio is much lower than when using a multi-channel … Read more

TV Audio Cuts Out When Quiet / Low Volume Scenes? (Solved)

TV Audio Cuts Out On Quiet Scene Low Volume Scene

Are you experiencing audio cuts out during quiet or low-volume scenes on your TV? Would you like to know why it occurs and what you can do to fix it? Well, it happened to me as well. It feels like someone is hitting the mute button every few minutes when there is a quiet moment … Read more

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Why is HDR so dark on my TV? (Know This First)

Why HDR So Dark On My TV

If you’re wondering why HDR makes your TV look darker, or why HDR shows seem so dim, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue that can be frustrating, especially when you’re expecting those vibrant, high-contrast images that HDR is known for. But fear not! Let’s delve into the mysteries of HDR and see if we … Read more

How to Check if Your TV Supports 120 Hz? (VRR, TruMotion)

Are you wondering if your TV can support a 120 Hz refresh rate, what are the requirements, and how can you check it? TV refresh rate, TruMotion, variable refresh rate, and hardware requirements are all surrounded by many myths and different opinions. In this guide, I have answered and explained the most common yet confusing … Read more

Samsung TV Game Mode Flickering (Xbox, PS5/PS4) – Quick Fix

Samsung TV Game Mode Flickering xbox ps5

Is your Samsung TV flickering when you are trying to enjoy a game on it with its Game Mode feature? Whether using a PS5/PS4, Xbox, or Switch, Samsung TV users commonly report flickering in game mode and you are not alone if you are also experiencing it. Recently, a friend also faced the issue with … Read more

Samsung TV Can’t Change Language, Menu, Audio (Do This)

Samsung TV Cant Change Language, Menu Audio

Is your Samsung TV mistakenly set to the wrong language and now you wish to change it to your preferred language but it’s not letting you change it? Well, this is quite an interesting situation that reminds us of our old days when we often changed the language to incorrect while tweaking with TV settings … Read more

No Internet Via Ethernet Cable On LG TV (Do This To Fix)

LG TV Ethernet No Internet

Are you trying to connect your LG TV via Ethernet cable but can’t get internet, and wondering what’s causing this? You are not alone, often we choose the Ethernet connection over a wireless (wifi) connection to connect our TV in order to get a stable internet connection, but things don’t always go as planned. In … Read more

Samsung TV Remote Voice Control Not Working (Solved)

Samsung TV Remote Voice Control Not Working

The Samsung remote voice control is a helpful feature that allows us to easily access and activate features with just our voice, luckily it’s available for both Samsung TV Remotes the normal as well as the solar-powered remote. My friend has a Samsung TV, but recently he encountered a strange issue. When he presses the … Read more

Samsung Solar Remote Not Charging (Do This First)

Samsung Solar Remote Control Not Charging

Are you happy with your futuristic Samsung TV’s Solar Remote Control, but the joy didn’t last long when you discovered that it does not charge? Samsung TV’s Solar Remote Control is certainly unique among all TV remote controllers since there is no hassle of battery replacement, but many users have reported that it does not … Read more